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makki-le-more asked: bayleef and darkrai



specterbird answered: lopunny :V


The EGG hatched into Bunnoi, a Flying/Normal Pokémon. It seems to have 1 evolution stage. How should we reach this next stage?

- Leveling up (Possibly under specific circumstances)- With an evolutionary stone
- Via trading (Possibly while holding an item)

Leave answers in the ask box (Tumblr only allows two question posts a day).

specterbird answered: noibat and buneary


An EGG has been found. I wonder, which of the parents will the hatchling resemble most?

Let’s try something new, shall we?

Leave two first-stage, non-legendary Pokémon in the answers. I’ll fuse them and then I will elaborate on their evolutionary branching using public voting, if that makes sense. I will take as many suggestions as I can. Do try and stick around to see what will have come out of your suggestion in the long run.



A new Adventurer Challenge: Community Splice!

Inspired by the community splice threads of ThatSplicingForum, this challenge is actually quite simple. Take the splice before you, and splice in a new Pokemon (use this randomizer for MAXIMUM FUN).

You can either reblog this post and add in your contribution, or submit it to the blog. I highly suggest reblogging, though, because then someone else could add on to your splice, and someone can add to theirs and so on.


  • You need to provide TWO images. One original size and one resized to 4x original 
  • Splice your new Pokemon into the current splice so that it’s still recognizable as the same Community Splice
  • Have fun!

I DID IT FIRST BTW /attentionmonger

Then again tsplica is big enough to do it SUCCESSFULLY unlike me so

Added a Skuntank.

Codename: Palkern

Components: Sunkern, Palkia

Typing: Dragon/Grass

Requested by 42-and-a-half

I’ve updated the blog’s theme. Any thoughts?

Codename: legs

Components: Sunkern, Arceus

Typing: All/Grass

Requested by 42-and-a-half



Codename: Deerveon

Components: Sylveon, Deerling

Typing: Fairy/Grass

Requested by Anonymous


Codename: Bidoxys

Components: Bidoof, Deoxys (Attack)

Typing: Psychic/Normal

Requested by Anonymous


Continuing the trend of Bidoof spliced with legendaries.